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A wise woman once said “But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (money)”. So all hail our queen, Cardi B. And did she stutter? No, because that is what the modern woman needs!

Money. Money. Money.

queen of hustle

It’s quite simple. Everyone craves financial freedom and the independence that goes along with it. But in today’s world, it is simply not enough to rely on hard work. You need the credentials, connections, experience and talent to take you there.

The future of work is the gig economy. A trend that has always been coming but the pandemic is…

Happy New Year’s, world! Goodbye to a crappy 2020 as we reel in 2021. And it’s safe to say everyone has a different perspective of 2020. Jeff Bezos is more than happy for sure. Perhaps the next stimulus check will leave me feeling like a future trillionaire too (affirmations, people!).

But coming back down to earth, my observations of the average person is loss. The graduating Class of 2020 completely lost their senior year. People lost their jobs. …

Hello, World! This is my first Medium article. I’m Ashley Mei, an actress/tech founder born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Oldest of 5 kids. Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon/Cancer Rising.

During this crazy pandemic, I’ve been talking off the ear of whoever willing to listen (my family, some friends, neighbors, Instagram Stories). And with this great time of reflection, I’ve naturally developed a lot of passions and opinions about this great big world and a) unfortunately, the loved ones in my life are running out of patience for my endless discussions but b) fortunately, the Internet exists.

To sum it up…

Ashley Mei

Actor/Artist from LA | Tech Founder

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