All Hail Cardi B — RollingPear Chronicles 1

A wise woman once said “But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (money)”. So all hail our queen, Cardi B. And did she stutter? No, because that is what the modern woman needs!

Money. Money. Money.

queen of hustle

It’s quite simple. Everyone craves financial freedom and the independence that goes along with it. But in today’s world, it is simply not enough to rely on hard work. You need the credentials, connections, experience and talent to take you there.

The future of work is the gig economy. A trend that has always been coming but the pandemic is bringing it out with mass layoffs and an alarming unemployment rate. And honey, that stimulus check is running dry!

Working on your own terms means working for your special situations. I see it happening for the mothers who juggle educating their school aged children on Zoom classes, my fellow Gen Z-ers living with their at-risk relatives, the hustling creatives in between gigs, etc..

You need the mindset of a gig worker to get ahead.

We’re RollingPear. A social media job marketplace. Find the future of work on our platform today.

Website/App is live.


Love, Ashley Mei

Actor/Artist from LA | Tech Founder

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