Hello, World! This is my first Medium article. I’m Ashley Mei, an actress/tech founder born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Oldest of 5 kids. Scorpio Sun/Capricorn Moon/Cancer Rising.

During this crazy pandemic, I’ve been talking off the ear of whoever willing to listen (my family, some friends, neighbors, Instagram Stories). And with this great time of reflection, I’ve naturally developed a lot of passions and opinions about this great big world and a) unfortunately, the loved ones in my life are running out of patience for my endless discussions but b) fortunately, the Internet exists.

To sum it up, a 2021 goal is to share more of my brain with the world. Sure, it’s nice to snap a pretty picture for Instagram or thirst trap with Gen Z on TikTok…but that’s not exactly me. Beyond the superficial, I’m a woman of words. Ultimately, I fell in love with writing first and it hasn’t given me a single heartbreak so far. 2021 is the year to share.

So here we go.

Love, Ashley Mei

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