What 2020 Meant for Me

Happy New Year’s, world! Goodbye to a crappy 2020 as we reel in 2021. And it’s safe to say everyone has a different perspective of 2020. Jeff Bezos is more than happy for sure. Perhaps the next stimulus check will leave me feeling like a future trillionaire too (affirmations, people!).

But coming back down to earth, my observations of the average person is loss. The graduating Class of 2020 completely lost their senior year. People lost their jobs. Here in Los Angeles, many of the apartments are vacant because hordes of combined natives and transplants have had enough: it’s fucking expensive here and too crowded.

Most importantly, human life has been at loss. I lost someone dear to my heart, as did so many others.

Overall, this article will be kept light. You don’t need further reminder of this reality. We already know. Because of the loss, I want to address what I gained from this year instead.

What 2020 meant for me.


Later that month, another event shot me down: competing for Miss California Teen USA was a terrible experience. In other words, a story to be told another time. However, the world was already foreshadowing bad omen. That weekend, reporters on TV foreshadowed the pandemic in China; I’d been passively listening while putting on makeup in the hotel room. Then, Kobe Bryant died the day of my competition finals.

(Note: COVID-19 is the proper way to not sound like an asshole. Miss Corona’s origin story is not an excuse to be racist by calling it the Chinese Virus. That’s all.)



Our world stopped Mid-March. My family household voluntarily started social distancing March 16th, when LAUSD locked down for my siblings. March 20th was the day the official state mandates came in. Everybody expected this to last two weeks but my family knew better. I urged my mom to enroll my siblings in a homeschool charter before it was too late. My 4 younger siblings barely got their spots.


Our economy was continuing to take a hit. I’m proud that my father, a CPA, was helping small businesses get their PPP Loans. At the same time, the unemployment rate was only going up. So, my mother and I resumed development of RollingPear.com — an app that will forever change the future of making money. The gig economy needs this platform.

Another movie I was in “I Am a Knife with Legs” had a virtual screening. This was nostalgic considering it was my first film credit at 5.


cut my own bangs
cut my own bangs
DIY Bangs

The Black Lives Matter Protests took place end of the month. I will forever echo the sentiments. Unfortunately, I don’t support those opportunists who looted Santa Monica, DTLA and especially the Fairfax District (my childhood stomping grounds). So, all the Instagram Story Activists can cancel me but I said what I said.

“It’s just property damage!” — the girl who lives in the Valley (the hills of course), private education K-12, some kind of arts major…I bore myself here but you get the point.


As a big sister, my sisters’ and brothers’ education was and still is a major concern. From there I saw a gap in early education resources and that’s how our family YouTube channel was born. We started producing videos for the children of the world to grow, learn and get inspired.


I’d started to accept the quarantine reality by educating myself. When I cleaned, there was always an expert speaking from my Bluetooth speakers. My online classes are more efficient than before and the virtual world has its appeal. My little sisters participated in a Zoomed musical theater camp; my mom and I coach them before their shows.


I was cooking more. Thank you Google for the recipes.


I missed dancing. Fortunately, many YouTube fitness creators have great dance workouts to follow in my living room. That along with Yoga.


We celebrated by putting up porch decorations from Dollar Tree. Way cuter than we had expected. My family celebrated by doing our part to stay home and watching Halloween films. No trick or treating.


Celebrating my 19th

I turned 19 and spent Thanksgiving thankful for my loved ones.


So we decorated! Christmas tree, lights, stockings…all that magic. I streamed Christmas services from all the local churches online. This year, I’ve gotten more in touch with my Christian faith.

Cookies from friends!

2020 wasn’t perfect.

You’ve probably heard it before and I’ll say it again. It was not the year to get what you wanted, but to be grateful for what you already have instead. I’m very fortunate that we survived this year. It’s tough to predict what 2021 will have in store for all of us.

Ultimately, let us all go in this year with an open mind and heart.

Love, Ashley Mei

Actor/Artist from LA | Tech Founder

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